Here in Spain  the colours are so beautiful and bright, which inspires my palette.
When I arrived in Spain and started to paint on the spot in front of the sea it gave me a lot of inspiration.  
Horses are another inspiration and I have done a lot of horseriding in my life but now it stays with painting them. 
The colors  should be harmonious and make you happy. 


My masterteachers are:

Regis Bonicel, Beziers France

Regis Bonicel was my first teacher. He taught me principaly aquarelles and one can say that he gave me the passion by beleiving in me and telling me that I had talent. I am not sure that it was true, but it gave me curage.  Regis taught me lots of techniques around aquarelle painting and later acrylics.

Günther K, Beaux Arts, Béziers France

Günther K has been very important for my art. He made me progress and gave me a lot of "keys" for painting. He is also a famous artist exhibiting in several countries.

Günther K's  art can be seen in Galerie Sabrina Falzone, Milan , in Naples, in Mantoe and now also in Insbrück,  Austria and will follow Genova, Italy  and of corse lots of exhibitions in France.

 He paints using pure pigments and and his paintings are  colourful and pure.

  Günther K, reacent painting


Fina Girona, Almoradi, Spain 

My lovely painting teacher here in Spain. She sadly left us a few years ago, but her art continues to live with us.

Pablo Follana, Almoradi, Spain

My very professional painting-teacher in Spain. He gave and continous to give me a real kick forwards.

And my internetmasters:

NOLAN, paintbasket.com.  New Zeeland

Nolan from New Zeeland made me take a big step forvards. It has been very interesting to paint along with his classes. Different from having your teacher beside you. I really have progressed with: www.paintbasket.com.
The possibility of being able to look at the videos as many times as you want and to stop and go back on the video helps a lot when you are learning. And also because it is so nice and friendly.
On Paintbasket there are lots of different classes in all mediums: Acrylics, Oils, Watercolor, Pastels and Drawings and even more information. Have a look. You can also watch  some of the classes on Youtube.




This is very high class tutorials. A bit complicated to connect on vimeo and to find your way among the classes,  but it is worth the trouble.

A few years later.....

 I wanted to be better at painting flowers and David Jansen and Gary Jenkins have been very inspiring. I tried to change to acrylics after having seen the tutorials from David Jansen, and I did some paintings in acrylics, but I noticed that I prefere to paint in oils.  Gary Jenkins has been my model for flowerpaintings in oil.


David is specialized in painting flowers with acrylics. If you want to learn to paint roses in acrylics he is the best. You find him on youtube. 



Theese tutorials are so interesting. Gary is not only a fabulous painter, he is also so interesting to listen to, full of humor and fantasy.  You easily find him on Youtube.





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