/album/photogallery/a100-2250-jpg/ HORSE IN THE MOONLIGHT, oils, 73 x 60 /album/photogallery/a100-2005-jpg/ The bright horse, oils 46 x 33 cm
/album/photogallery/a100-2007-jpg/ White horse in the field, oils 40 x 40 cm /album/photogallery/donne-a-la-factrice-jpg/ Running white horse, Oils, 46 x 33
/album/photogallery/copie-pour-corriger-jpg/ Black and white horse, oils 55 x 38 /album/photogallery/dscn1936-jpg/ The lila horse, oils 81 x 60 cm
/album/photogallery/img-0305-jpg/ Three horses in the sea, oils 35 x 22 /album/photogallery/dscn2586-jpg/ The blue horse, oils, 40 x40 cm
/album/photogallery/img-20190621-193335-1-copie-jpg/ This is a very special painting that I offered to the Hospital in Vega Baja. /album/photogallery/dscn2634-jpg/ Santa Pola a windy day, Oils
/album/photogallery/photos-telephone-21-01-1-154-jpg1/ /album/photogallery/dscn1649-jpg/ Colorful fruits, oils 46 x 33
/album/photogallery/dscn1680-jpg/ 3 fruits, oils, 27 x 32 /album/photogallery/dscn2594-copie-jpg/ Black and white horse,oil, 24 x 30 cm,
/album/photogallery/dscn1933-jpg/ Fruits, Oils, 46 x 38 cm /album/photogallery/a100-2138-jpg/ Path in the forest, Oils 55 x 38 cm painted in the french alps.
/album/photogallery/div-photos-004-jpg/ Seascape, oils painted with Nolan /album/photogallery/dscn2531-jpg/ Another Paintbasket-seascape Oils 46 x 33 cm
/album/photogallery/a100-2040-jpg/ Playa el Pinet, Oils, 81 x 60 /album/photogallery/dscn2585-jpg/ Seascape in spring, Oils 46 x 33 cm Painted in Santa Pola
/album/photogallery/a100-2229-jpg/ Peaceful seascape, Oils 100 x 81 cm /album/photogallery/dscn2596-jpg/ Seascape inspirated from my Paintbasket classes, oils 24 x 30 cm
/album/photogallery/dscn2602-jpg/ The Baye of Alicante, oils 130 x 100 /album/photogallery/dscn2743-jpg/ Santa Pola in spring, Oils
/album/photogallery/dscn2991-jpg/ An early summermorning in Santa Pola, Oils /album/photogallery/dscn3213-jpg/ Painted with a palettknife, Oils
/album/photogallery/dscn3241-jpg/ Santa Pola late afternoon in front of the island, Oils /album/photogallery/dscn3243-jpg/ Santa Pola in the morning, Oils
/album/photogallery/dscn3244-jpg/ Sunrize in Torrevieja, Oils /album/photogallery/img-0332-jpg/ Santa Pola face Isla Tabarka, Oils, 55 x 38
/album/photogallery/img-0314-jpg/ The Bay of Alicante. My biggest painting, oils 130 x 98 /album/photogallery/dscn3212-jpg/
/album/photogallery/a939fd4bfb9dbbe275b1ad7b1f9ece26d77fc8681921e7c58f3d68e998355cc26-jpg/ Magic mist over Tallinn /album/photogallery/a100-2140-jpg/ Chantal's door, oils, 55 x 46
/album/photogallery/dscn2668-jpg/ Bretagne, oils /album/photogallery/dscn3685-jpg/ Bernard's patio, oils
/album/photogallery/a100-1532-jpg/ The blue door, Oils 46 x 33 cm painted in Almoradi /album/photogallery/a618efb678b2e6749fe180d26bc6a7d722ef13dcc781e58a596abe0979e07e136-jpg/ The curious bird in Tallinn
/album/photogallery/a100-2136-jpg/ Peinture inspiré de Julio Romero de Torres, huile 100 x 81 cm /album/photogallery/b3793ac3ad20902ec10d50872963d682cdb66ae5efb78e4c19d3a32b25932580-jpg/
/album/photogallery/p5070007-jpg/ /album/photogallery/a0c2d3782dbf6e80d2b359dad7760f9e442c54982dfcf147a43addb0d5ecbdd4c-jpg1/ Exhibition together with my teacher Fina Girona in Socco market. It was a windy day.
/album/photogallery/a20160408-095845-jpg1/ Painted to my brother. His girlfriend was dressed, but I undressed her! /album/photogallery/a100-2281-jpg1/ Painted from a picture that my brother took. Mist over Tallin an early morning.
/album/photogallery/a349ac-expo-almoradi-jpg1/ Exhibition in Almoradi /album/photogallery/a2012-08-21-002-modifie-1-jpg/ A painting done with tutorial (oilpainting with palett-knife)
/album/photogallery/img-20190821-182945-jpg/ I found this stone in Santa Pola on the beach and painted it from a picture that I took on place. /album/photogallery/img-20170609-181314-jpg1/ Painted for my husbands wonderful daughter Chantal.
/album/photogallery/img-20191109-181141-2-jpg1/ Gift to the Swedish Church's Christmas basar, where I teach painting once a week. /album/photogallery/img-52be52e0ac12167bfc83fe5d8aa9f28d-v-jpg/
/album/photogallery/img-20220318-150713-093-jpg/ /album/photogallery/img-20220316-173917-jpg/
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